Mission Statement

The Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization, dedicated to representing each and every one of its members while amplifying the collective voice of business in an effort to advocate economic vitality, quality of life and the preservation of the competitive enterprise system. “Our business is your business.”

We will preserve and grow the competitive enterprise system of business by creating a better public, community and state understanding and appreciation of business and economic issues that are facing our members.

The Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce will represent our members by proactively communicating, educating, promoting and representing our membership to the general public, to each community in the Bitterroot Valley, to Ravalli County, the state of Montana and the Federal Government of the United States.

We will promptly address issues that are detrimental to the orderly expansion, growth, development and economic vitality of all our business and community members. We will actively promote programs of a civic nature which are designed to increase awareness, functional and aesthetic values of our communities while discovering and correcting abuses which prevent the promotion of orderly business expansion, community vitality, prosperity and responsible growth.